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Takoon Burning 6'2" 2010

Takoon Burning 6'2" 2010

Kiteboard Model: Burning
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Takoon
Best For
Board sizes

Length, width and weight
188 x 47cm – 3.4kg

  • Surf shape – gives the board a true surf feeling
  • Epoxy sandwich technology – makes for a lightweight board that quickly responds to the rider’s input
  • Laminated wood deck and wood stringer – adds to the board’s durability
  • Fast screw system – great for strapless riding
  • Thruster and squash tail – great for light wind and all-round performance
  • EVA pads
  • Symmetrical adjustable straps
  • Fiber Futurs fins

As kite and board manufacturer Takoon explained, when designing the Burning 6’2” board its main goal was to create a board that offers tons of fun whether you want to go out there strapped in or strapless, in light wind conditions, or you just want to do a bit of paddle surfing.

The Burning 6’2”, with is surf shape, offers a true surf feel, especially if you plan to go out there strapless. The Burning 6’2”, thanks to its epoxy sandwich technology, is incredibly lightweight – it weighs in at a mere 3.4kilos, which is not much considering how big this board is ( 6’2” x 18’5” or 188 x 47cm). The fact that the Burning 6’2” is lightweight means it is quite responsive. As Takoon explained, this board’s weight has been carefully calculated to offer optimal control in a wide variety of conditions, from strong winds to mushy waves.

The epoxy sandwich technology offers something else – an unmatched weight to durability ratio.

Thanks to its 3 fin setup, medium rocker, progressive rails, and squash tail, the Burning 6’2” offers excellent performance in a wide variety of conditions. With the Burning 6’2” you can rip it in light winds, glassy waves, even storms.

With the Burning 6’2” you can go out there strapped in or strapless and have tons of fun. Putting the spotlight on strapless riding, the Burning 6’2” features an innovative screw system that lets you set up for unstrapped riding with no need for tools – you can do it with your bare hands.

Takoon’s tagline for the Burning 6’2” is: “Keep it real.”