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Essence of a Surf Video
The Ocean has always captured the passion and soul of many people, and especially of surf fans. For them, the ocean waves are a source of fun, thrill, action and adrenaline. Riding the waves and dominating their immense energy is a unique and unforge...
Cabrinha Relaunch 2013
If you are new to kiteboarding, you need to pick up the basics of this sport using appropriate gear. First of all you need a training kite to get accustomed to kite setup and kite flying. One of the best kites for kiteboarding lessons is the new 2013...
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2010 Cabrinha Tech Tip - 2010 IDS Operation
Neil Pryde Xperience 2010
The Xperience windsurfing sail by Neil Pryde is one of the most easy to handle and control sails available on the market. The Xperience is highly recommended for beginners and windsurfing lessons, but performs just as well for riders who wish to l...