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Starboard Impossible 2010

Starboard Impossible 2010

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2010
Board Sizes:

Length: 198.1 cm

Width: 76.2 cm

Thickness: 11.5 cm

Volume: 113 L


Starboard is one of the most prestigious water sports gear designer and manufacturer today. Many of the surfing, SUP and windsurfing champs use starboard gear. The 2010 SUP board line gathers board models dedicated to all SUP discipline and all SUP riders, regardless of their skill and style. The 2010 6'6" Impossible is part of the Pro Wave series of SUP boards and it is especially crafted to deliver the ultimate shortboard performance.

The board is designed for those riders that want extra mobility and are tired of using long and larger SUP boards. The Impossible is a highly maneuverable board responds quickly to rider input. The compact and rounded shape allows it to move fast in small waves and flat water and generates a fast speed. The board has been tested by the Starboard in Bali and Indonesia and has delivered excellent results. It is one of the quickest and shortest production boards up to this date.

The Impossible can be used with single, twin, tri or quad fin configurations, depending on conditions and on the rider’s choice. The board can be also used by smaller young riders. It can even be used with kites. In light winds and waves. It is available in Camo, Candy and Blue Touch color styles.