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Starboard Pod 2010

Starboard Pod 2010

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2010
Board Sizes:

Length: 225.6 cm
Width: 75 cm
Tail Width: 18" /45.7 cm
Stability rating: 1.5
Thickness: 4.2" /10.7 cm
Volume: 111 L


The Pod is part of the 2010 Pro Wave series of SUP boards created by Starboard with extreme performance in mind. The POD stands for Performance Over Drive. It is the kind of board that power riders will love. It is designed to float over sections and drive hard off the bottom. The board is able to place the rider in the pocket and let him surf out without hassle. It is a board which likes action. It is fast and very reactive. It can be steered without problems by paddle of feet input.

The good volume distribution keeps it floating really nice on top of the waves, while the hydrodynamic profile generates quick acceleration and fast speed. The board is crafted using a mono concave nose section to a flat middle to provide a good grip and increased stability. With this board, no wave will sweep you off your feet ever. The tail features a V design which improves bottom turns and assures optimal release. The Pod is available in Camo, Candy and Blue Touch color styles.