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Starboard Seven Eleven 2010

Starboard Seven Eleven 2010

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2010
Board Sizes:

Length: 242 cm
Width: 74.8 cm
Tail Width: 18" /45.7 cm
Stability rating: 2
Thickness: 4.1" /10.5 cm
Volume: 116 L


The 2010 SUP board line crafted by Starboard is intended to cover the needs of all riders out there. Form novice to expert, anyone can find a board to suit his exact skill and style and enjoy a remarkable SUP Session. The Seven Eleven is a board dedicated to the advanced rider who has a solid set of skills. It is Pro Wave board intended to offer speed, control and thrust.

The board has a compact, short shape which provides increased maneuverability but also makes it snappier. It is suited for the agile rider who is always looking to perform quick moves. The board also supports a lighter rider due to its shorter shape. The mono concave nose to flat middle design allows the rider to feel very comfortable in chop and reduces the wave impact shock. The V shaped design of the tail assures fast bottom turns as well as responsive control.

The Starboard Seven Eleven can easily fit in pocket and speeds down the line at fast speeds. At the same time it is extremely responsive and has extraordinary rail to rail ability. The Seven Eleven does not have greatest glide into waves and it is most likely to test the balance ability of the rider, but this won’t be uncomfortable for the skilled one. The board uses a thruster fin setup and it comes in Technora, TAC, Candy, Camo and Blue Touch styles.