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North Presents the New 2015 Evo
The guys at North Kiteboarding are proud to present the new 2015 Evo. And it’s one of the best all-round freeride kites today, with an incredible boost potential. The Evo is the kite of choice for Tom Hebert, who used it this season to perform...
CrazyFly: One World, One Lifestyle
CrazyFly is one of the most respected kiteboarding companies today. The European kiteboarding manufacturer is on the market since 1999 and its slogan “Quality you can trust”, defines their entire range of products. All of the CrazyFly pr...
Billabong Rio Pro
There are only days left until the Billabong Rio Pro kicks off. The Billabong Rio Pro is the 3rd stop on the Men's ASP World Tour agenda and the 5th stop on the Women's Tour. The best riders from all over the world will present an incredible...
PKRA Dakhla
The first event of the PKRA World Tour has ended. PKRA Dakhla 2012 was a spectacular competition and gathered the best riders in the world. The audience was also thrilled to witness amazing kiteboarding action. Youri Zoon and Bruna Kajiya were cro...
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2010 Cabrinha 2010 kites  and boards on the beach
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Cabrinha 2010 Switchblade IDS Kite