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Sailboards Miami

Sailboards Miami

Location: Miami, United States
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What could be more attractive than enjoying sunny beaches and ocean waves on the beautiful Miami Beach, Florida?  Enjoying the sun and having a refreshing drink after you had a nice kayaking, kiteboarding, Stand up Paddleboarding or windsurfing session. And if you love these water sports but you haven’t tried to practice them, the Sailboards Miami water sports school is the perfect place for you to start.

Sailboards Miami is located in Miami, on the beautiful Windsurfer Beach in the Key Biscayne area. This location is breath taking, but more than that it is perfect for learning windsurfing, kiteboarding, SUP and kayaking due to the nice wave and wind conditions you will find here.  Sailboards Miami has a professional team of certified instructors to teach you the secrets of the water sports while paying attention to your safety and comfort at all times. Don’t worry if you never hold a kite or set foot on a windsurfing board, because here you will develop your skills easily and in no time. Kids, women and men alike will find the beauty and excitement of performing water sports in a beautiful and unique landscape. Sailboards Miami is also a great location for recreational sailing or for advanced riders who wish to train or enhance their skills. You can bring your own gear, but if you don’t already have the necessary equipment you can rent anything you desire here.  Sailboards Miami also has a shop, so if you love a board, a sail or anything else and you get used to it, you can purchase it right away. All the equipment used at the Sailboards Miami is very efficient and versatile. Gear produced by famous manufacturer like Neil Pryde, Chinook or JP is available for rent or for sale at more than decent prices.

Sailboards Miami is among the best water sports schools in the United States, and the US Sailing Master Instructor Ovidio DeLeon which masters the windsurfing school guarantees that you will sail the windsurfing board all by yourself in just two hours. Learn to practice water sports and enjoy one of the most beautiful places at Sailboards Miami.

Contact details:

Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 02871
(s)305-361-7245 / 305-892-8992
(w)305-361-7245 / 305-892-8992