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Mountains of Wind: The Beauty of Snowkiting
Mountains of Wind is a documentary that tells the story of Pascal and Cedric Joubert, two extreme riders who have an unlimited passion for snowkiting. The two of them began snowkiting in the mid 90's and together became professional snowkiters....
Mille Lacs Kite Crossing 2014
You are invited to join a weekend of freeriding, endurance racing, expression sessions, gear demos and much more. The 10th annual Mille Lacs Kite Crossing starts soon. This event is brought to you by Fleet 8, the oldest windsurfing organization in th...
Kite Flying around the Peaks
When you think at kiteboarding you usually think at water and land based sessions involving tricks and all sorts of stuff that don’t get you hanging in the air for a lot of time. Well, Christophe Grange had the courage to explore a different si...
The International Kiteboarding Organization or IKO is the largest kiteboarding organization it the world and it was founded in 2011. The main mission is to promote this great extreme sport all over the Globe. The organization aims to enhance the q...
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Volume One is now available to buy on DVD from with free worldwide shipping.
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Teaser for 2007 production. Something Stronger on DVD.