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Boardworks Shubu Wide 2012

Boardworks Shubu Wide 2012

Board Type: Inflatable
Manufacturer: Boardworks
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

8' 2" - Width: 34", Thickness: 4", Liters: 225

9' 2" - Width: 34", Thickness: 4", Liters: 225

10' 2" - Width: 34", Thickness: 4", Liters: 225


The Shubu boards introduced by Boardworks in 2012 revolutionize the world of SUP. These new inflatable boards are easy to carry, easy to set up and extremely versatile. The Shubu boards are available in normal and wide versions. The Shubu Wide is constructed using the same technology as the Shubu, but it features a wider outline, just like its name states. It is a perfect board for traveling, when space is in question.

The Shubu Wide is extremely stable and very easy to control. It can be used for cruising around, fishing, running on rivers, touring and more. Just because it is an inflatable board, does not mean the Shubu Wide is not durable. It is constructed using military grade, UV resistant rubber and it is extremely tough. It can take all the possible punishment without suffering any damage. The high density drop stitch construction makes it rigid and responsive at all times.

The Shubu Wide is available in four colors and comes with glued on rubber side bite fins and a detachable center fin. This way it can be used in shallow or deep waters, depending on the rider’s choice. It also features four forward deck D-rings and a bungy system which allow the rider to strap down different packages when he cruises around. The Shubu Wide is sold as a complete package, together with a high volume pump, valves, inline pressure gauge, color matched rubber patch kit and backpack.