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C4 Waterman C-MAC ATB 2012

C4 Waterman C-MAC ATB 2012

Board Type: All Round
Manufacturer: C4 Waterman
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 10’6″
Width: 29.5″
Thickness: 4.31″
Weight: 26 lbs
Volume: 187L


If you like SUP, you probably know that C4 Waterman is one of the premier brands in this industry. Their team is dedicated to improve the experience of all the riders out there and crafts top quality gear which offers only high performance. One of the most versatile SUP board ever crafted by C4 Waterman is the C-MAC ATB. C-MAC ATB stands for Charlie MacArthur All Terrain Board.

This board runs great in all kinds of conditions. It can be used in river rapids, in whitewater, in flatwater and in any other sorts of conditions you can think of. The wider profile of the C-MAC ATB makes it extremely stable. At the same time, the sleek outline generates a smooth and fast glide. The board also features a tail rocker which improves the control in river runs. The slightly squared tail provides optimal turning performance, while the longer profile assures a good speed.

This board can accommodate beginner, intermediate and experienced riders alike. The C4 waterman crew is right to define this board as part surfboard, part whitewater kayak and part skateboard. It feels easy to handle like a skateboard, stable and reliable like a kayak and agile as a surfboard. It comes equipped with a 2+1 fin setup which assures a good grip and excellent maneuverability. The board is available in Electric Orange and Electric Blue styles and it features a sanded finish.