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C4 Waterman iSUP CMAC ATB 2012

C4 Waterman iSUP CMAC ATB 2012

Board Type: All Round  Inflatable
Manufacturer: C4 Waterman
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 10’6
Width: 30.0
Thickness: 4.0
Weight: 22.8 lbs
Volume: 158L


The iSUP board line was created by C4 Waterman especially for the Sup riders that travel a lot and need a high performance SUP board easy to transport. The iSUPs are inflatable boards that offer the same reliable performance as the solid models. The C4 Waterman iSUP CMAC ATB is one of the longest standing in the C4 iSUP line. The CMAC ATB uses a design based on the successful Charlie MacArthur All Terrain Board design.

Just like its solid counterpart, the iSUP CMAC ATB can be used in various conditions without problems. It can be used in surf iSUP CMAC ATB, waves, in river runs, whitewater rapids and flatwater. The board has a user friendly profile which generates a smooth glide and good tracking. The wider shape assures increased stability and keeps the rider steady at all times.

The board resembles to a classic longboard and it is easy to maneuver and operate. It can be used by beginner and advanced riders alike. C4 Waterman has crafted the iSUP CMAC ATB using military-grade, double-wall PVC material stitched with 30% additional thicker, high-tensile fiber thread. This structure provides excellent rigidity and increased durability. The board comes complete with FCS fins, pump, repair kit, deck pad, travel bag and board strap.