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C4 Waterman SUBNine Micro-SUB 2012

C4 Waterman SUBNine Micro-SUB 2012

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: C4 Waterman
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 8’8
Width: 28.90
Thickness: 4.00
Weight: 21.2 lbs
Volume: 115L


The Micro-SUB is part of the SUBNine SUP board line introduced by C4 Waterman this year. The SUBNine SUPs are compact and short boards, intended to offer high performance to dynamic riders. The boards are designed by Dave Parmenter and the first models were introduced as experimental prototypes for the C4 team. The SUBNine models went into production, as the demand for short SUPs has increased.

The C4 Waterman SUBNine Micro-SUB offers high surfing performance and can accommodate intermediate and advanced riders. It has a compact shape which makes it quick and snappy. The board can be used by kids and women, provided they have good skills. The board offers excellent control and feels very dynamic. The fuller hips assure good stability, while the slightly rounded tail generates quick and tight turns. It can tackle all kinds of waves with ease.

This board is built using C4’s FeatherCore technology which makes it responsive and light. The board is equipped with FCS side boxes with 10” center box and comes with a Quad+1 fin setup. It is available in Orange/Bamboo and Yellow/Koa styles.