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C4 Waterman Switchblade 2012

C4 Waterman Switchblade 2012

Board Sizes:

Length: 12’6
Width: 28.18
Thickness: 5.56
Weight: 32.4 lbs
Volume: 265L


The new 2012 C4 Waterman SUP board range is quite impressive. The boards are designed to accommodate various types of riders and suit all styles. They are crafted using the latest technology, according to the highest quality standards. If you are a racing and touring fan, you must try the new C4 Waterman Switchblade. It is one of the most versatile boards of its kind on the market.

The Switchblade is sharp and agile. It has a long outline and it features a narrow nose and tail which provide excellent tracking and gliding abilities. A special rocker provides quick acceleration and allows the rider to reach high speeds without intense paddle strokes. The board is fast, but also easy to handle. It turns quickly and it is easy to control at high speeds.

The C4 Waterman Switchblade is suited for intermediate to pro riders. They will love the speed and power it develops. Novice riders might find it too fast. It is equipped with a single fin which improves tracking and adds extra grip. The board is perfect for competitive racing, casual racing and cruising at high speeds. It is available in Electric Green and Electric Orange styles and it features a sanded finish.