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C4 Waterman V1 2012

C4 Waterman V1 2012

Board Sizes:

Length: 14’0
Width: 27.63
Thickness: 5.63
Weight: 31 lbs
Volume: 272L


If SUP is your game, you need a reliable board to power up your rides. And some of the best SUP boards on the market are those created by C4 Waterman. These boards are crafted suing a special technology which provides top quality and high performance. The C4 Waterman V1 is one of the most reliable racing boards you can get your hands on.

This board is intended to suit the needs of competitive racers and it excels in the ocean. It has a highly hydrodynamic shape which produces a fast speed and a very smooth glide. This board accelerates like no other and maintains a constant speed for long distances with ease. It has a smart volume distribution and an optimized thickness and width which assure excellent floatation and stability. This board runs faster and faster with each stroke of the paddle.

The fast rocker makes keeps it going at impressive speeds and assures an excellent control. This is also a great board for casual racers or touring enthusiasts. They can enjoy cruising on it along the coast and can pack extra luggage on it. This ocean rider is fun to drive and a reliable mate. It comes equipped with a single fin which improves tracking and assures a good grip. The C4 Waterman V1 is available in Electric Blue or Electric Orange styles.