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Cabrinha Surf SUP 9'8" 2011

Cabrinha Surf SUP 9'8" 2011

Board Type: All Round
Manufacturer: Cabrinha
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

9’8” x 30”


The 9'8" Surf SUP board by Cabrinha is optimized for small to overhead waves. The board is user friendly, but offers a good speed and thrust when needed. It can also be used in flat water. It features a curvy outline and a wider profile which assure excellent stability, as well as a smooth glide. These features also assure a good acceleration and constant speed.

The Surf SUP 9'8" is easy to handle and when used in waves, it can easily be fitted into virtually any section of the wave. It has optimal turning speed and feels very reliable under the feet of the rider. The board gives you confidence to cruise on long courses or perform more technical tricks. The Surf SUP can be used with thruster or quad fin setup, depending on the rider’s choice and style. An indexed EVA deck pad assures excellent comfort and a good grip for the rider’s feet.

The board is crafted using an EPX construction, based on an EPS core plus Combination Mat, Wood veneer and glass layers. This structure makes it extremely durable and light. The Cabrinha Surf SUP 9'8" comes with fins, leash plug and countersunk carry handle.