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Fanatic Falcon 2013

Fanatic Falcon 2013

Manufacturer: Fanatic
Year: 2013
Board Sizes:

12’6” × 25”

12’6” × 27.5”

12’6” × 30”

14’0” × 25”

14’0” × 27.5”

14’0” × 30”


The 2013 Fanatic Falcon is a board especially crafted for competitive racing. This is the board of choice for riders looking to win world class racing events, riders that demand the ultimate performance. The board features a stretched shape which maximizes the water line in order to produce a high and constant speed. The speed and acceleration is increased with each stroke of the paddle due to the refined, parallel outlines.

The wider nose provides extra lift when needed, as well as increased stability. It also allows the rider challenge chop easier. The rounded bottom shape, combined with the clean-water release rocker provides a smooth glide, extra grip and enhanced control. The board also features a deck spine for quick nose release and water dispersion. The squared tail improves stability at high speeds.

The board comes in 12’6” and 14’0” sizes. The 14’0” model features a low centre of gravity from flat deck in stance section and domed nose and pierced bow for quick wash dispersion and fast recovery. Both models are available in Carbon Sandwich and High Resistance Skin technologies and come equipped with a 9.75” RaceAce fin.