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Fanatic Fly Race Clear Wood 2013

Fanatic Fly Race Clear Wood 2013

Manufacturer: Fanatic
Year: 2013
Board Sizes:



The new Fly Race Clear Wood board from Fanatic is not only a great racing SUP, but also a reliable touring one. It is crafted using a similar shape as the Fly Race Allround Raceboard, inspired by the famous speedboats of Boesch / Riva. This board can be used on lakes or open ocean and even in surf. It features a stretched out outline which generates a maximized waterline in order to assure s smooth and fast glide.

A smooth tail rocker provides clean water release and assures good speed and balance. The squared tail assures increased stability at higher speeds. The domed nose combined with the flat-angled deck and rounded V towards the tail provides optimal release and increased speed with each stroke of the paddle.

The Fanatic Fly Race Clear Wood is crafted using 3 different types of wood. The bottom is built using unbleached bamboo, the rails are finished with dark colored wedge and the deck built using high density ash wood. This structure makes the board light, very durable and very responsive. Whenever you want to enjoy a smooth cruise or take part in a world class marathon, the Fanatic Fly Race Clear Wood is the board you need.