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Fanatic Ripper 2013

Fanatic Ripper 2013

Board Type: Kids
Manufacturer: Fanatic
Year: 2013
Board Sizes:



The new 2013 Ripper from Fanatic is especially designed for kids. It is not simply a downsized larger SUP board. Each aspect of the Ripper is optimized to suit the demands of young SUP enthusiasts. The board features a progressive shape which offers a perfect blend of speed, stability, control and power. It is a very stable board, but it uses a special rocker that is able to generate quick and tight turns.

The wider outline assures a smooth glide and increases stability, while the surf rocker and nose kick provide a solid drive and better power for advanced riders. The Ripper has a balanced volume flow and uses a flat deck for maximum balance. The bottom design featuring a mono concave entry transitioning into a V / double concave enhances the board’s wave catching ability.

The board is built using a HRS - High Resistance Skin structure which assures a balanced weight to strength ratio. It has a special SoftTop which prevents the rider from injuries in case he falls and bumps the deck. The Ripper features a windsurfing mast base option. It can be easily used as windsurfing board by beginners or in light wind conditions.