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JP Australia Surf 2013

JP Australia Surf 2013

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: JP Australia
Year: 2013
Board Sizes:

259x73 cm, 110L

269x77 cm, 126L

279x77 cm, 136L

290x79 cm, 146L


The new Surf SUP board by JP is crafted using a radical surf board design adapted to the needs of the dedicated SUP rider. The board is a perfect choice for the rider who wants to go big and challenge tough waves. All of the Surf models are optimized to offer a solid drive, good speed and power. They are very reliable in the waves and can handle most surf conditions out there.

A narrower nose section allows the rider to tackle the waves without any hassle. A higher entry and extra rocker assure good control and a solid feel. The wider profile, combined with the flat deck curve assures exceptional stability even in whitewater sections. A pulled-in outline with increased V in the back assures superior turning performance and a fast rail to rail response. The board is able to perform vertical turns and surfboard style ripping when used by an advanced rider who enjoys a good thrill.

The JP Australia Surf is equipped with a thruster fin setup which assures perfect grip and higher speed. It also features a mast foot insert and can be used with a sail. It is a great lightwind windsurfing board. The board comes in Wide Body version too. The Surf Wide Body is perfect for small waves and beach breaks.