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JP Australia Surf Wide Body 2013

JP Australia Surf Wide Body 2013

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: JP Australia
Year: 2013
Board Sizes:

224x79 cm, 111L

249x81 cm, 124L


The Surf Wide Body is a modified version of the Surf board. JP team came up with the idea for the wide body due to the fact that small boards are unlikely to handle with success small waves and beach brakes. The big waves are left for the Surf line of boards, while the small surf is taken care by the Wide Body.

The JP Surf Wide Body features a compact shape which assures tight carving turns. The wider outline provides excellent stability and a smooth glide. At the same time, the thin rail radius assures a solid drive at all times. The bottom design, featuring a mono concave nose section running into a flat V, plus the additional rail rocker assures optimal control, as well as a smooth glide.

The Surf Wide Body is equipped with a quad fin setup which improves turning performance as well as grip. A flat deck in the standing area keeps the rider well balanced and comfortable during long sessions. The board is available in PRO Edition and Wood Sandwich technologies.