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Naish Keiki 9’0” 2012

Naish Keiki 9’0” 2012

Board Type: Kids
Manufacturer: Naish
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

L: 9'0", W: 26 1/4, D: 4, Vol: 120, Board Wt: 17 lb


The Keiki series of SUP boards has been designed by Naish especially for kids. For those young watermen that love SUP and want to become future champs. These boards are not just downscaled versions of the other SUP boards produced by Naish. Every aspect of the Keikis is optimized to suit the needs of a young rider. The Naish Keiki 9’0” is designed for the beginner rider who wants to pick up the basics of SUP and then progress.

The board has a special shape which offers a smooth, but not very fast glide, so the young rider can accommodate to the feeling of sliding on the water. The board has an optimized bottom design which keeps it very stable and provides easy maneuverability. It can be used for surf as well as in flat waters. As soon as the kid gets used to it, he can enjoy a more dynamic ride without worries.

The Naish Keiki 9’0” is built using a user friendly construction. It is crafted using an EPS core, complemented by wood reinforcements in the stance area, glass layers and foam deck and bottom. This structure assures a light weight and increased durability. The EVA nose and rail protection keeps the rider safe and protects the board from impact damage. It is equipped with a ledge carry handle which assures easy transportation and comes with Thruster soft fins. The board is very user friendly, easy to handle and safe.