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Naish Nalu Air 2012

Naish Nalu Air 2012

Board Type: Inflatable
Manufacturer: Naish
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

11'0" - L: 11'0", W: 30, D: 6, Vol: 210, Board Wt: 25.5 lb

10'2" - L: 10'2", W: 30, D: 4, Vol: 180, Board Wt: 23 lb


The Air SUPs introduced by Naish this year are incredible boards, designed for the rider who travels a lot and carries the gear with him. The Airs are inflatable SUP boards which offer the same performance as solid boards in a compact, easy to transport platform. The Naisl Nalu Air is the perfect choice for lighter riders that like to paddle in various conditions.

The board can be used in flat water, surf and even whitewater. Although it is an inflatable board, it is very rigid and extremely durable. It is crafted using Naish’s Dropstitch Air Construction which assures high durability and impact resistance. The board is built using multiple coatings, Urethane Protection, EF Polymer and UV Protection layers. This structure is bomb proof. The board will not sustain damage if it hits rocks or even reefs. The special shape of the board makes it fast and agile. The rider can reach high speeds without much effort and experience quick turns without losing control.

The board is also very stable and has impressive floatation abilities. It responds quickly to any input and it is easy to handle. The Naish Nalu Air is easy to set up or pack. It is the perfect choice when you need to travel and space is in question. The board comes complete with high-pressure gauge pump and a durable canvas carry case. It uses Slide In + Fixed Side Fins.