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Slingshot Nitro 2014

Slingshot Nitro 2014

Manufacturer: Slingshot
Year: 2014
Board Sizes:




The Nitro is Slingshot’s solution for all your SUP racing needs. It is a high performance SUP board that slashes the waters at high speeds and it is able to get you on the podium of any competition you take part in. It offers a perfect mix of speed and stability. The Nitro features a hatchet nose which punches through the water to minimize drag and assure a fast glide.

A double concave planning hull creates independent foot stability and generates increased speed plus better control and stroke efficiency. The piercing bow profile allows it to cut and move through the water with minimal drag and increased speed. The deck is optimized to shed the water that may come over the nose in order to provide you with a dry, open and efficient area that holds feet for buoy turns and drop backs.

A V tunnel bottom design assures a decreased contact with the water to minimize friction and generate superior speed. The increased rocker at the rail line assures easier and faster turns. The square tail shape allows you to initiate quick pivotal turns and provides surface and planing area to maintain speed and lift.

The board features a Vent Plug which you can manually open and close to allow it to equalizing internal and external pressure from heat and atmospheric pressure changes. The full cockpit length EVA pad assures excellent comfort and traction. The Slingshot Nitro is the board of choice for paddlers and racers looking for stability, maximum speed and glide.