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Slingshot Space Cake 2014

Slingshot Space Cake 2014

Board Type: All Round  Beginner  Inflatable
Manufacturer: Slingshot
Year: 2014
Board Sizes:



The 2014 Slingshot Space Cake is an all-round SUP board designed with easy use and forgiveness in mind. As the guys at Slingshot say, it is a “family board” easy to store and transport due to its compact size, which can accommodate any rider. It is perfect for the entry level rider that needs to learn the basics of SUP, as well as for the advanced one that wants to have fun and offers the convenience of an inflatable when it comes to transport.

The wide rounded nose assures a clean cut through small waves and even chop. The wider profile makes the Space Cake extremely stable and forgiving. The board features a block tail which increases stability and provides a clean release. It features a high-density EVA pad which provides excellent traction and comfort.

Four D rings on the front top of the board can be threaded with bungees for storage. An ergonomic grab handle makes transportation easier. Slingshot has built the Space Cake high quality PVC fabric, fully wrapped with a second layer of material on the top and bottom. This construction provides optimal stiffness and solid durability. The Slingshot Space Cake comes with pump, pressure gauge, repair kit and a backpack.