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Starboard 10'3"x28.5" Gun 2012

Starboard 10'3"x28.5" Gun 2012

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 10'3" - 312.4 cm
Width: 28.5" - 72.4 cm
Thickness: 4.6" - 11.7 cm
Tail Width: 14.4" - 36.6 cm
Volume: 145 L


The 2012 Starboard 10'3"x28.5" Gun is a unique board, intended for the experienced rider who loves a fast, adrenaline based SUP session. It is part of the pro surf SUP board lineup, designed by Starboard team for the competitive riders. The board is available in four versions, each of them built using a different technology.

Extreme riders will appreciate the Brushed Carbon model, as it is very light and provides a fast response. The Wood model is more resistant and has better stability in shifting waves. The AST Candy and AST Silver models offer a proportional strength to weigh ratio and are quite affordable. The AST Silver model features foot strap and mast inserts, so it can be turned into a windsurfing platform by riders who fancy both SUP and windsurf.

The special pinned out tail and nose of the 10'3"x28.5" Gun make it resemble to a missile. This profile provides a faster speed in the waves, as well as excellent maneuverability. The pinched rails assure a constant speed throughout the ride. A special rocker helps the rider get in early, while the nose kick assures safety from pearling. The board features a mono concave to double concave hull shape, ending with a tail V, which generates a faster acceleration and a smoother glide. The board is not one of the most stable ones, but has good tracking ability, impressive response and speed. It is a great choice for competitive riders.