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Starboard 10'3"x29" Pro 2012

Starboard 10'3"x29" Pro 2012

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 10'3" - 312.4 cm
Width: 29" - 73.7 cm
Thickness: 4.3" - 10.9 cm
Tail Width: 15.9" - 40.4 cm
Volume: 144 L


The 2012 pro surf Sup board line introduced by Starboard in 2012 is dedicated to the experienced and determined riders, who love competitive SUP and take part in competitions. The boards are crafted with specific focus on speed and response. The 2012 10'3"x29" Pro is the kind of board which provides optimal performance once the surf picks up. It also has a specific shape which makes it suitable for lighter riders that like calm water sessions. Although it is intended for pro use, advanced riders may use it to progress and develop their skills.

The board features a drawn-out tail outline, thinner deck and rail profiles which make it quite fast and assure a smooth glide. The board gets into waves quickly and can handle late drops with ease. It uses a mono concave bottom design running from nose and two thirds of the board, merging to a double concave section and into a V in the tail. This special hull shape assures good acceleration, but also a smoother drive and a good grip.

The board comes in Brushed Carbon, Wood, AST Silver and AST Candy construction technologies. The Brushed Carbon model provides a lighter weight and a quicker response, the Wood model increased durability and better stability and the AST models a balanced strength to weight ratio. The AST Silver model is equipped with foot straps and mast inserts, so it can also be used as a windsurfing board.