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Starboard 12’6 SUPer 2011

Starboard 12’6 SUPer 2011

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:



The SUPer boards introduced by Starboard in 2011 are incredible crossover platforms. They can be used as windsurfing and SUP boards and are comfortable and user friendly. The 12’6 SUPer is the longest board in this series and offers an incredible glide. It is also known as the Cruiser. The rider can easily attach a windsurfing sail in case he wants to take advantage of the wind and enjoy a nice windsurfing session. As a windsurfing board, the 12’6 SUPer offers excellent longitudinal stability, planes easily and runs great upwind.It is great for cruising and can be easily used by beginner riders.

As a SUP board, the 12’6 SUPer is very stable and user friendly. It can be used by any rider that wants to enjoy a comfortable SUP session. It is equipped with a retractable daggerboard which improves both windsurfing and SUP performance. The board has good tracking and gliding abilities and it is not difficult at all to maneuver. It can be used in flat waters as well as in chop and waves. The board has good acceleration and does not require excessive paddling to reach a nice speed. It is also able to maintain a good speed throughout the session. The board is also very comfortable and keeps the rider relaxed during the cruise.

The Starboard 12’6 SUPer is available in Camo Black technology. It is constructed using a durable Epoxy fiber glass structure and it features a camouflage soft deck finish. This structure makes it light and durable.