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Starboard 12'6"x31.5" Race 2012

Starboard 12'6"x31.5" Race 2012

Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 12'6" - 381.0 cm
Width: 31.5" - 80.0 cm
Tail Width: 16.2" - 41.1 cm
Volume: 290 L


The 12'6"x31.5" Race is part of the race SUP boards introduced by Starboard in 2012. Talking about this board, the guys at Starboard say: “The 12’6” Race series are easy to use all round race boards. The wider models are great for touring and have tie down options for bags.”

This is quite a user friendly race SUP board, but still requires some skills to get the best out of it. Its hydrodynamic shape makes it quite fast and assures a smooth ride at the same time. The wider profile keeps it very stable in windy and choppy conditions. The board also features a special hull shape which significantly improves the glide. It also has impressive tracking abilities. The board offers only fair maneuverability, but it is a race board in the end. It is intended to go fast, accelerate quickly and win a race. The Starboard 12'6"x31.5" Race is perfect for competitive racing, casual racing and touring.

It comes in Red Stripe Brushed Carbon and Blue Stripe Glass Epoxy models. The Blue Stripe Glass Epoxy model is quite affordable due to the lower production costs and has a balanced weight to strength ratio. The Red Stripe Brushed Carbon model is suited for the more dynamic rider as it is lighter and has a quicker response. It is engineered using a full deck and bottom wrap of biaxial carbon and PVC foam and a light paint job to reduce weight. Both models use a single Race 23 Fin.