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Starboard 7'7"x27" Pro 2012

Starboard 7'7"x27" Pro 2012

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 7'7" - 231.1 cm
Width: 27" - 68.6 cm
Thickness: 4.0" - 10.2 cm
Tail Width: 16.3" - 41.4 cm
Volume: 98 L


The 7'7"x27" Pro is a new model of Pro Surf SUP board introduced by Starboard in 2012. It is the Zane Schweitzer signature model and it is dedicated to the competitive rider who takes part in dynamic competitions. The board has extraordinary maneuverability and it is very agile. It responds very accurately to the slightest input. At the same time it is fast ant turns quickly.

The downside for the less experienced rider is that the board has low stability, glide and tracking abilities. That is why it is suited for a rider with a good set of skills, who has a good balance. The board features a continuous single concave hull design throughout the entire length. This design assures good acceleration and increased speed, as well as improved maneuverability. The Starboard 7'7"x27" Pro is available in Brushed Carbon and AST Silver construction technologies.

The Brushed Carbon is crafted using a full deck and bottom wrap of high quality biaxial carbon and PVC foam and features an Ultra-light Startouch deck grip system. It is extremely light and responsive, fit for a champ. The AST Silver model is more durable and features 3/4 deck pad with 4mm square-groove EVA foam in the standing area plus a 2mm EVA fore and aft with light-weight Startouch deck traction on the nose. It also features mast and footstrap inserts, so it can be used as a windsurfing platform. Both boards come with Quad and Thruster fin boxes.