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Starboard 8’5″x29″ SUP Slick 2011

Starboard 8’5″x29″ SUP Slick 2011

Board Type: Beginner  Kids
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:

Length: 8'8"  (264.2 cm)
Width: 29.5"  (74.9 cm)
Thickness: 4.3"  (10.9 cm)
Tail Width: 17.8"  (45.1 cm)
Volume: 130 L


The SUP Slick series of boards is designed with focus on the needs of the beginner rider. The two SUP Slick board models are very user friendly and a perfect choice for the novice rider that wants to discover the secrets of SUP. The 8’5″x29″ SUP Slick has a compact shape which makes it quite fast and very easy to maneuver. It is a crossover board, which can be used for SUP and Windsurfing. In case the rider wants to take advantage of the wind, he can easily attach a windsurfing sail and enjoy a nice windsurfing session. The board planes quickly and heads upwind without problems.

As a SUP board, the 8’5″x29″ SUP Slick is very stable and has great gliding and tracking abilities. It has an extended and lifted nose section which assures an easy take off. The board can be used by any SUP rider and even by kids. It is easy to operate and extra safe. It is equipped with EVA bumper nose and tail, which protects the rider against injuries in case he fells and hits the deck. The boar uses reinforced rails for maximum durability. It also features a balanced carry handle for easy transportation. The Wood Veneer standing area assures a good feet grip.

The board is crafted using an AST construction which assures a balanced strength to weight ratio. It is equipped with a soft thruster fin setup, featuring a Soft PU 6" center fin and Soft PU 3" side fins. The 8’5″x29″ SUP Slick is perfect for learning SUP and progress and also for enjoying a nice windsurfing session.