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Starboard 8'5"x29" Pro 2012

Starboard 8'5"x29" Pro 2012

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 8'5" - 256.5 cm
Width: 29" - 73.7 cm
Thickness: 4.5" - 11.4 cm
Tail Width: 17.6" - 44.7 cm
Volume: 123 L


The Starboard 8'5"x29" Pro is part of the 2012 surf pro SUP board series released by Starboard in 2012 and it is a fast and sensitive turning machine, designed for the rider looking for an extra thrill. The board offers “maximum speed, drive and sensitivity through turns, providing the ability to go vertical or for full roundhouse cutbacks”, as the Starboard team says. The Starboard 8'5"x29" Pro is available in three different construction technologies: Brushed Carbon, Wood, AST Silver and AST Candy.

The Brushed Carbon model is extremely responsive and fast, perfectly suitable for competitive riders. The Wood model has an impact resistant wood deck and increased stability and the AST models offer a balanced strength to weight ratio. The AST Silver model also features mast and footstrap inserts and canbe used as a windsurfing platform.

The board features a mono concave bottom design, ending with a V in the tail, which assures amazing vertical projection abilities and increased maneuverability. Actually, the board offers high maneuverability, but only fair glide, stability and tracking abilities. The smooth outline combined with low apex rails make the board incredible agile and assure a good drive in surf conditions. The board holds good speed in turns and feels well balanced. It can be used with thruster and quad fin configurations. When used with thrusters it has a better drive, and when it is used with quads, it provides snappier turns. It is a highly versatile board in 4 to 10 foot waves.