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Starboard Atlas 2012

Starboard Atlas 2012

Board Type: All Round
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 12’0” (365.8 cm)
Width: 33" (83.8 cm)
Thickness: 5.0" (12.7 cm)
Tail Width: 16.8" (42.6 cm)
Volume: 236 L


The Atlas is perhaps one of the best all round SUP boards ever crafted by Starboard. The 2012 Atlas is crafted using some of the features of the previous models, but it is tweaked to offer even better performance.  The board excels in most conditions and it is optimized for the needs of the middle to heavy weight riders. It is a very user friendly board and has a very smooth ride, so it is perfect for beginner riders that like to enjoy a cool cruise.

The board runs well on rivers and lakes as well as on oceans. It can also be used for wave riding. It can even be used for exploring trips, as it is very comfortable and keeps the rider relaxed through long sessions. The longer outline combined with the smooth rocker assures a fast glide and makes the boar suitable for riders of all levels. The board also features a generous nose and tail kick, so the board is easy to handle in chop and can easily catch any wave. T thinner nose profile assures a lower swing weight for better maneuverability. The board features deck inserts in the nose section, so the rider can tie down extra gear on long trips. The mono concave to flat V bottom design makes the ride smoother and keeps the board well balanced.

The Atlas is available Wood, AST Silver, AST Candy, AST White and Slick construction technologies. The Wood model features an impact resistant wood deck and offers increased dynamic shape stability, the Slick model is the most affordable one and comes with soft and safe removable PU fins and the AST models offer a balanced strength to weight ratio. The AST Silver also features a windsurfing option for riders that like both SUP and windsurfing.