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Starboard Atlas Extra 2012

Starboard Atlas Extra 2012

Board Type: All Round
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 12’0” (365.8 cm)
Width: 36” (91.4 cm)
Thickness: 4.6” (11.7 cm)
Tail Width: 19.8” (50.4 cm)
Volume: 253 L


The Atlas Extra is the latest addition to the all round series of boards introduced by Starboard in 2012. It is constructed using a similar pattern as for the successful Atlas board, but it is more stable. The Atlas Extra, just as the Atlas, is part of the All round series of board, boards designed by Starboard to excel in all conditions. The Atlas Extra uses a race rocker in the aft section which provides a more fluid drive. It also features an increased nose kick which improves the glide for downwinders in choppy conditions.

The board also features deck inserts in the noise area, so the rider can store gear on the board for longer sessions. The board is designed using a mono concave nose section and a flat V in the back. This design assures a smooth drive and keeps the rider relaxed in tougher surf conditions. The board has a generous width, so it feels very stable at all times. It is also able to reach a nice speed without the need of excessive paddling.

The board is available in Wood, AST Silver, AST Candy and AST White. The AST models are the most affordable ones and feature different desk options depending on the model. They offer strength and weight. The AST Silver Atlas Extra come with a windsurfing option, so the rider can attach a sail if he wants to take advantage of the wind. The Wood models are built using Red PU painted ding-resistant rails and an impact resistant wood deck. The board uses a thruster fin setup featuring a Hexcel 220 center fin and M4.7” side fins.