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Starboard Coast Runner 2012

Starboard Coast Runner 2012

Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 14'0" - 426.7 cm
Width: 28" - 71.1 cm
Tail Width: 13.6" - 34.5 cm
Volume: 283 L


The Starboard Coast Runner is a special race SUP board, designed to excel in the types of conditions found on the coasts of mainland USA, Japan and Europe. It is engineered using a hydrodynamic shape which assures increased speed and acceleration. The board gains more and more speed with each stroke of the paddle. It is not one of the most maneuverable SUP boards, but it excels when it comes to tracking, gliding and stability.

The board is extremely stable and has a very smooth glide. It features a cockpit like deck shape. This feature assures a lower standing area, keeping the feet of the rider closer to the water to improve overall stability. The flat rocker generates a quick acceleration and assures a smooth drive at high speeds. It also allows the board to maintain a constant speed on long distances. The Starboard Coast Runner is perhaps one of the most versatile and fast ocean race SUP boards today.

It is available in Red Stripe Brushed Carbon and Blue Stripe Glass Epoxy options. The Brushed Carbon model is constructed using a full deck and bottom wrap of high density PVC foam and biaxial carbon structure and it is very light and responsive. The Glass Epoxy model offers a balanced strength to weight ratio and it is available at a very affordable price. Both models come with a Race 23 single fin.