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Starboard Converse 2012

Starboard Converse 2012

Board Type: Inflatable  Surfing
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 9’0” - 274.3 cm
Width: 30” - 76.2 cm
Thickness: 4.1” - 10.4 cm
Tail Width: 18.2” - 46.2 cm
Volume: 137 L


The Converse is part of the Surf SUP board models designed for the 2012 season by Starboard. And it is the kind of board that resembles more to a classic surfboard than to a SUP platform. Nevertheless, it is a highly versatile SUP machine which can be used to dominate all kind of waves. The special surfboard outline used by Starboard makes the Converse extremely versatile in turns, but also stable and easy to handle. The optimal volume distribution makes the Converse a perfect board for heavier and lighter riders alike.

The mono concave from nose to tail assures a very smooth and quite fast glide, but also makes the board steady. The Converse can tackle almost any wave with little effort from the rider. The board is available in Brushed Carbon, Wood, AST Silver, AST Candy, Slick and Astro construction technologies. The Brushed Carbon model is the lightest and most responsive one, the Wood one is highly stable and it features an Impact resistant wood deck, the AST Silver and AST Candy provide balanced strength to weight ratios and the AST Silver features windsurf mast and strap inserts, so it can be used with a sail by windsurfing enthusiasts, the Slick model is engineered using a strong, safe and economical construction, it is highly durable and affordable.

The Astro model is an inflatable platform, crafted from 4” reinforced PVC drop-stitch material, which can be pumped up to 5 psi max pressure. The Astro model comes complete with a high pressure single action pump and with a repair kit.