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Starboard Open Ocean 2012

Starboard Open Ocean 2012

Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2012
Board Sizes:

Length: 14'0" - 426.7 cm
Width: 28" - 71.1 cm
Tail Width: 13.7" - 34.9 CM
Volume: 309 L


The Open Ocean is part of the Race series of SUP board introduced by Starboard in 2012. Just like its name states, this board is a perfect choice for ocean racing. It is engineered using a hydrodynamic profile and optimized outlines which make it fast and precise. The board is quite powerful, so it is perfectly suited for competitive riders. The hollowed standing area keeps the rider close to the water and assures increased stability.

The increased nose rocker makes it extremely versatile in large ocean swells. The board is able to accelerate quickly and reach an impressive speed. It is also able to maintain a constant speed on long distances. The Starboard Open Ocean excels in terms of stability, glide and tracking, but lacks good maneuverability. It is made for racing and not fooling around in waves. It is available in Red Stripe Brushed Carbon and Blue Stripe Glass Epoxy models.

The Red Stripe Brushed Carbon model is extremely light and responsive. It is crafted using a full deck and bottom wrap of high density PVC foam and biaxial carbon and it features a light paint job to reduce overall weight. The Blue Stripe Glass Epoxy model is durable and has a balanced weight. It is also quite affordable. Both models come with a single Race 23 fin.