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Starboard SUPer 12 2011

Starboard SUPer 12 2011

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:



The SUPer boards are designed by Starboard team with a dual purpose. They can be used as windsurfing or SUP boards, depending on the rider’s choice. The rider can easily attach a windsurfing sail on them to enjoy a nice windsurfing session. The SUPer 12, also known as the Big Easy is the second longest board of the SUPer series and excels at both windsurfing and SUP. When used as a windsurfing board, it planes quickly and runs nice upwind. It is also a reliable board for lightwind conditions.

When used as a SUP board, the SUPer 12 is user friendly, yet agile and fast. It can also support heavier riders due to its smart volume distribution and generous width. It is equipped with a retractable dagegrboard which improves the windsurfing and SUP performance. It feels very steady on the water surface and does not require excessive paddling to teach a nice speed. It is easy to handle and can be used in flat waters or in small waves without problems by any rider. 

The Starboard SUPer 12 is available in two different construction technologies: Camo Black and Blue Touch. The Camo Black SUPer 12 is built using a tough Epoxy fiber glass structure and it features a camouflage soft deck finish. The Blue Touch one is also crafted using an Epoxy fiber glass construction, but it features polished blue rails and a special non-slip deck finish. Both models are light and durable. The board is perfect for beginner riders of for those that wish to progress, as well as for more advanced ones.