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Starboard SUPer 8’8 2011

Starboard SUPer 8’8 2011

Board Type: Surfing
Manufacturer: Starboard
Year: 2011
Board Sizes:



The SUPer boards introduced by Starboard are dual purpose machines, as they can be used as SUP and windsurfing platforms. This concept allows the rider to enjoy both water sport disciplines with less expense. The SUPer 8’8 is the most compact board of the SUPer series, and it is a board suited for more radical riders. This board can be purchased as SUP board only if the rider wishes. If the sailor wants to take advantage of the wind, he can easily attach a windsurfing sail and enjoy a nice windsurfing session.

The board feels very friendly and it is quick to plane and easy to maneuver. As a SUP board, the SUPer 8’8 is perfectly suited for young and lighter riders, as well as for dynamic ones. It is quick, it turns fast and reaches a very nice speed. It works great in waves and can be easily fitted into pockets. Starboard has crafted the SUPer 8’8 using the Slick technology. The Slick technology is based on a soft-board structure, featuring a durable smooth bottom skin and double internal wood stringers.

This structure assures a balanced strength to weight ratio. It is also a technology that requires a less expensive production process, therefore the board is available at a very decent price. The board reaches a good speed and has good acceleration, yet it feels very stable and it is easy to maneuver. Since it has a more compact shape it is also easier to transport.