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SupXross World Championship 2019

SupXross World Championship 2019

Period: Oct 26 - Oct 26, 2019
Location: Naples, United States

Simply put, it is Stand Up Paddleboard racing on a closed course...whereas most SUP racing is typically done on a long course, in a straight line, and out of sight from spectators.

SupXross uses the same closed course race track that is used in watercross (aka jet ski racing), which is the most dynamic setting found on flat water…period!

It bridges the extensive gap between standard “straight-line” SUP races, and the more extreme elements of whitewater SUP racing.

By eliminating any unforeseen hazards and establishing a safe, contained environment within a closed course race track, this allows paddlers (of all abilities) the “SUP-racing ride of their life”!

SupXross will push these athletes to their limits as they take sharp left and right turns, testing their agility and stamina. The closed course features a buoy-marked track that is designed to keep the competition tight and fans close to the action. Speed, technique and determination will all come into play throughout each race, with up to 20 paddlers at a time negotiating a series of pivot turns and straightaways in this "Moto-Scoring" style of racing that include heats, semi-finals and finals.

The event takes place on the 26th of October, in Naples, FL. For more details, please follow this link.