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Amazing SUP Ride Close to Whales

Monterey Bay from California is protected as a National Marine Sanctuary and spans 4,601 square nautical miles of ocean. It is also the home of a plethora of marine life. If you venture out on this part of the ocean on your board, it’s not uncommon to encounter amazing sea creatures.

And local paddler and instructor Brent Allen can confirm it’s true. He recently went for a SUP ride into the ocean and spent time paddling close to a whale and observing it. As he says, “Having the mist from a whales spout come across the board was all time.”

We bet it was an amazing experience, but, as Brent says, getting so close to a marine creature like this is not safe for those unfamiliar with this kind of experience. And make sure to always respect whales and other marine life.

His entire adventure was filmed with a GoPro Hero3+ and Original GoPro Camera and you can check it out below.