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Artech MPS to Intro Three-piece Paddle Board

Artech MPS launches a Kickstarter campaign to fund their high-performance three-piece paddle board, made with reclaimed plastics. On April 30th 2019, Artech MPS launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the development of a modular paddle board that combines the performance of a fiberglass board with the convenience of an inflatable board.

Created by a team of sailing and paddle boarding enthusiasts who were frustrated with the SUP options available to them, the Easy Eddy Three-Piece Modular Paddle Board (SUP) eliminates the hassles of storage, transportation, inflation, deflation, fiberglass repair and punctures.

The Easy Eddy Three-Piece Modular Paddle Board campaign already reached the initial goal of $75,000 within the first 12 hours of launching. Perks include an Easy Eddy 3 Piece Paddle Board 1ST WAVE for $979 which includes 34% off the MSRP and delivers worldwide.