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Bart de Zwart to Embark on the Epic Arctic Crossing

Bart de Zwart is a true waterman. The Dutchman, who now calls Maui home, is the king of distance paddling and a 3X SUP 11 City Tour champ. Well, he is now ready to set on a new and incredible journey: a 280 miles (450 kilometers) crossing from Canada to Greenland, a journey known as The Arctic Crossing.

Bart’s previous accomplishments include paddling across the North Sea from the UK to Netherlands and completing the 11 City Tour course (220km) non-stop. He also paddled the entire length of the Hawaiian Islands without setting foot on land. This is a new challenge for him, but we are sure he will manage to carry out with success. This epic adventure starts today, the 15th of July. Bart will spend a day or two testing out the safety of his equipment, before setting off for the 450 kilometer paddle straight across the ocean to Sisimiut in Greenland.

A quick word from Bart: “I do these expeditions because I love the challenge… You learn a lot about yourself and you see life and the people around you differently.”