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Between Two Harbors Needs Your Help

We Are Ocean, a charity benefiting cancer patients and survivors, held its first camp in Newport Beach, Southern California back in August. The participants were introduced to ocean and watersports and they were followed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Richard Yelland, who captured the experience on film for his upcoming documentary, ‘Between Two Harbors.’ The camp participants enjoyed snorkeling, standup paddling, sailing, surfing, and kayaking.

We Are Ocean’s mission is to introduce the healing effects of the ocean to cancer patients and survivors, but to also spread awareness of the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle while fighting cancer and beyond. The charity was founded by Jack Marshall-Shimko, a cancer survivor himself.

Now, We Are Ocean and Richard Yelland are looking for funding to make the ‘Between Two Harbors’ movie, a short documentary, as well as a 30-minute TV special that will be distributed via national and global broadcast networks, film festivals, and select digital channels. The movie will highlight the life-changing effects We Are Ocean’s programs have on cancer patients and survivors. You can make a small donation here and make a big change.