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The Big Muddy Moose

The Big Muddy Moose is a cool SUP documentary in which Scott Mestrezat shows us that we don’t always need to travel around the world to find a thrilling adventure and we can always find it the amazing spots of our back yard.

Scott Mestrezat is an adventurer and a dedicated waterman, always in search of a good thrill. On the 7th of June last year, he launched his SUP into the cold, clear current at the headwaters of the Missouri in Three Forks, Montana and arrived in St. Louis 2400 miles and 107 days later.

The Big Muddy Moose movie documents his SUP journey down the Missouri, from Montana to St. Louis, providing us with insight into his big adventure.

Talking about his adventure and his documentary, Scott says: “I hope my film can share some of those scenes and moments with people and get them inspired to live adventurously however they can. This whole thing has been a passion project driven by a desire to create a film that will take people with me on my solo expedition down the river.”

You can check out The Big Muddy Moose trailer below, and if you enjoy it, you can get the full movie via this link.