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Bringing More Power to the Blade by Suzie Cooney

As you already know, Suzie Cooney is an icon of the Stand up Paddleboarding world and of SUP Yoga. She is a complete ocean athlete, specialized in Surf, Windsurf, SUP and Kiteboarding. And she is also Maui’s private fitness and healthy lifestyle specialist.

When it comes to SUP, Suzie knows everything there is to know about this sport. And she always wants to share her extensive experience with all of us. That is why she put together a little edit to share us an important tip on how to bring more power to the paddle when paddling. And you can check out this exercise in the related videos section below.

A quick word from Suzie: “This exercise for stand up paddling is designed to increase your total purchase power from your entire shoulder complex directly to the blade of your paddle. It also engages and strengthens your entire core! RESULT: Maximum stroke power! This exercise is GREAT for surfers too!”