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Byron Olson Joins Tower Paddleboards

Byron Olson is a surf icon and a renowned board shaper acclaimed by the industry. He has an extensive experience on the water both in surfing and competitive racing and has built a career shaping surf boards since 1981 and stand up paddle boards since 2003.

And there’s no wonder that any brand in the Surf and SUP industry wants him on the team. Well, the lucky one is Tower Paddleboards, as Bryan has joined their crew as lead shaper. And the Tower Paddleboards officials are proud to have him aboard, as Tower founder & CEO Stephan Aarstol says: “Byron is one of, if not THE, best stand up paddle board craftsmen in the world. He’s been producing cutting-edge custom stand up paddle boards for some of the biggest names in the SUP industry since 2003, before there even was a SUP industry.”

The guys at Tower are focused not only on crafting high performance boards, but also on bringing the board manufacturing industry back to the US. They are building a 5,000 square-foot production facility in San Diego, CA to produce its new line of US-made stand up paddle boards.

And they are proud of it: “We’re bringing manufacturing back to the US in a meaningful way. By adding our own US production facility, we’re now going from buying raw inputs to building and directly selling the highest quality, craftsman finished paddle boards delivered right to your door. We’re an end-to-end solution. We can sell US-quality boards at substantially better pricing than comparable boards produced overseas. It’s a game changer.”