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Charging White Waters with Alex Mauer

Alex Mauer is a complete SUP athlete. He is passionate about this sport and loves to paddle wherever he can, whether it is in rivers, lakes or the ocean. His favorite discipline is surf. As he says, “There are so many different river waves in the world, I want to surf as many different waves as I can. I love to scout out new unsurfed waves. There is something about being the first one to surf a wave that is magical. Plus you get to name it.”

Alex co-founded the Colorado River Surfing Association several years ago and loves to spread the joy of SUP wherever he goes. Alex feels at home in the white water of nervous rivers. Riding the white waters gives him a feeling of ultimate freedom.

And you can see Alex in action on the river rapids in the clip below. It is called Dropping the Platte and it’s packed with action.