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Crossing the Aegean with Casper Steinfath

The Aegean SUP Crossing is a challenge launched by Naish Greece, a challenge that revives an ancient myth and turns it into a modern odyssey. It is a difficult SUP crossing between Paros Island and Mykonos. Many rides joined this challenge and showcased their awesome skills this year, paddling 22 miles through open sea.

One of these riders is Casper Steinfath, who joined the Greek Naish Team and sailed to the beautiful Aegean Sea to compete in this awesome event. Lots of things happened during the crossing and only two managed to fulfill this hard mission. But in the end, it is the journey that matters and this fantastic SUP experience left something beautiful scared to everybody’s soul.

You can check out some unique and action packed footage in the clip below. For English subtitles please press cc on player.