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ElectraFin – The Removable Electric Propulsion System for SUP

The ElectraFin is a removable electric propulsion system for SUP, which can transform your flat-water paddle boarding experience into a unique ride. If you’re stuck in a strong wind or current while trying to preserve your energy on your stand-up paddle board or you are tired of paddling flats, the ElectraFin system is the answer.

The system is based on an electric motor built into the fin and operated by a wireless remote attached to the rider’s paddle. It propels the board easily and without hassle. It uses automotive grade 15V lithium ion batteries and can help you travel at speeds up to 5mph. Used at full speed, the battery lasts up to 2 hours.

This is a zero-emission, silent and safe ride system. The silent motor and propeller safety ring preserves marine life and the natural experience for fellow water participants. The ElectraFin doesn’t require any modification on the SUP board, as it can be fitted into your fin box just like a regular fin. It’s easy to install and fun to use.