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F-One Presents the New 2015 SUP Board Lineup

The guys at F-One are always on top of the water sports game. They are one of the major brands in the industry and all of their products are characterized by high quality and top performance. Well, the 2014 SUP Boards from F-One take performance and quality a step closer to perfection.

The new series of boards come to meet the needs of all riders out there and allow them ride like champs. There’s the F-One MANAWA, an all-round surf series board that can accommodate virtually all riders, the new ANAKAO, a wider Performance Surf Series board for dedicated riders, the Madeiro which sports a compact design and excels in waves and the Madeiro Pro which shreds the waves like no other board. There’s also the Matira Inflatable which is a perfect touring board.

All of these boards are crafted using the best composites and the latest technologies and guaranteed to offer you a unique SUP experience.